Arts and Humanities Panel



Time: 11:00am-12:30pm Location: 110 Denney Hall


  • Approval of 9-10-13 minutes  
  • English 2267 (new course)  
  • Revision to Creative Writing Minor  
  • Philosophy 3430 (new course)  
  • Philosophy 1337 (new course; requesting GE Cultures and Ideas)  
  • Theatre 5835 (new course)  
  • Theatre 5310 (return; new course)  
  • Comparative Studies 2323 (new course; requesting GE Cultures and Ideas and GE Diversity-Social Diversity in the US)  
  • Revision to Philosophy minor  
  • AAAS 5485.03 (new course; requesting GE Diversity—Global Studies)  
  • AAAS 5798.03 (new course; requesting GE Education Abroad)  
  • ASL 4189S (also requesting SL status)  
  • Spanish 3413 (new course)  
  • Catalan 5501 (new course)  
  • Catalan 5502 (new course)  
  • Chinese 5387 (new course)
ASCC A&H Panel Approved Minutes 10-1-13.doc 10/15/2013 01:13:17 PM
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Theatre 5310 Fundamentals of Media Design New Request Completed
English 2267 Introduction to Creative Writing New Request Completed
English Creative Writing Minor Revision Program Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) Approved
Philosophy 1337 Ethics in the Professions: Introduction to Computing Ethics New Request Completed
Philosophy 3430 The Philosophy of Sex and Love New Request Completed
Theatre 5835 Special Topics in Movement for the Stage New Request Completed
Comparative Studies 2323 Introduction to American Indian Studies New Request Completed
Philosophy Philosophy Minor--Change Change Request Completed
African American and African Studies 5798.03 Study Abroad: Brazil New Request Completed
Catalan 5502 Catalan for Spanish Speakers II New Request Completed
African American and African Studies 5485.03 Afro-Brazilian Society and Culture New Request Completed
American Sign Language 4189S Intersection of American Sign Language, deaf culture, and the deaf community New Request Completed
Chinese 5387 Bilingualism in the Chinese Contexts New Request Completed
Spanish 3413 Spanish for Heritage Speakers New Request Completed
Catalan 5501 Catalan for Spanish Speakers I New Request Completed