Arts and Humanities Panel



Time: 11:00am-12:30pm Location: 110 Denney Hall


  • Approval of 11-12-13 minutes  
  • Portuguese 4550 (new course)  
  • Portuguese 5510 (course change)
  • Portuguese 5520 (course change)  
  • Portuguese 5530 (course change)  
  • German 3254H (return—new course; requesting GE VPA and GE Global Studies)  
  • Arabic 2798.01 (new course)
  • Linguistics 5050 (return—new course)  
  • Spanish 4568 (new course)  
  • Revision to Andean and Amazonian Studies Minor
ASCC A&H Panel Approved Minutes 11-26-13.doc 12/12/2013 09:55:33 AM
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
German 3254H Representations and Memory of the Holocaust in Film New Request Completed
Linguistics 5050 Technical Tools for Linguists New Request Completed
Portuguese 5510 Literatures and Cultures in Portuguese, From the Middle Ages to Neoclassicism Change Request Completed
Portuguese 4550 Literatures of the Portuguese Speaking World New Request Completed
Arabic 2798.01 Morocco May Tour: The Arab World Up Close; History, Religion, Culture and Politics New Request Completed
Portuguese 5520 Literatures and Cultures in Portuguese, from Romanticism to Modernism Change Request Completed
Spanish Andean and Amazonian Studies Minor revision Change Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) Approved
Portuguese 5530 Literatures and Cultures in Portuguese, from Modernism to the Present Change Request Completed
Spanish 4568 Catalan Cultures New Request Completed