Arts and Humanities Panel



Time: 1:30-3:00pm Location: 110 Denney Hall


  • Approval of 9-26-14 minutes
  • Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog 2000 (existing course; requesting GE Cultures and Ideas)  
  • Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog 2010 (existing course; requesting GE Cultures and Ideas)
  • History 3254 (existing course; requesting GE Diversity—Global Studies)
  • History 2720 (new course; return; requesting GE Historical Study)
  • NELC 5125 (new course)
  • NELC 5126 (new course)
  • NELC 5121 (new course)
  • One-time study abroad offering of English 4575 “Topics in Literary Forms and Themes.” (“Literature and Culture of London”--Faculty: C. Highley)
  • Offering of Spanish 2798 ( “Costa Rica Experience”—Faculty: D. Viscarri)
  • AAEP 5797.02 (new course)
  • NELC 2798.01 (new course; GE Education Abroad)
  • History 3798.03 (return; new course requesting GE Historical Study and GE Diversity—Global Studies)
  • Jewish Studies 4798.02 (new course; requesting GE Education Abroad)
  • History 2797.02 (return; new course; requesting GE Historical Study)
ASCC A&H Panel Approved Minutes 10-10-14.doc 10/28/2014 08:33:52 AM
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
History 2797.02 The Western Tradition and Contemporary Issues: From Ancient Greece to the Global Present New Request Completed
History 3798.03 Shanghai, 1750 to 2050 New Request Completed
History 2720 Big History New Request Completed
Other Department 2000 Theory and Foundations of Bioethics Change Request Completed
Other Department 2010 Ethics of Biomedical Science Research Change Request Completed
History 3254 Europe since 1950 Change Request Completed
English 4575 Topics in Literary Forms and Themes--Literature and Culture of London New Arts and Humanities Panel Approved
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures 5125 Syriac I New Request Completed
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures 5126 Syriac II New Request Completed
Spanish 2798.80 Latin America Study Tour New Request Completed
Jewish Studies 4798.02 History and Culture of Israel: Study Tour New Request Completed
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures 5121 Jewish Aramaic New Request Completed
Art Education 5797.02 Exploring Jamaican Arts and Culture New Request Completed
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures 2798.01 Experiencing Everyday Life in South Asia New Request Completed