Arts and Humanities Panel



Time: 10:30am-12:00pm Location: 110 Denney Hall


  • Approval of 10-2-15 minutes 
  • Architecture 3195 (new course; requesting GE Cultures and Ideas and GE Diversity-Global Studies)
  • Theatre 5751 (new course)
  • Classics 7890 (new course)
  • Revision BA-Comparative Studies
  • Comparative Studies 2099 (new course)
  • Comparative Studies 3501 (new course; requesting GE Cultures and Ideas)
  • Comparative Studies 4822 (course change; existing course requesting GE Cultures and Ideas and GE Social Diversity in the US)
  • Uzbek 3102 (new course)
  • French 5104 (course change; number change from 7101)
ASCC A&H Panel Approved Minutes 10-12-15.docx 11/02/2015 11:14:15 AM
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Comparative Studies Revision BA-Comparative Studies Change Request Completed
Other Department 3195 Modern Rome New Request Completed
Theatre 5751 Performance and Culture in Cuba New Request Completed
Uzbek 3102 Advanced Uzbek New Request Completed
French 5104 Medieval French Change Request Completed
Comparative Studies 3501 Humanitarianism in Question New Request Completed
Comparative Studies 2099 The Question of Comparative Studies New Request Completed
Classics 7890 Seminar on Classical Literatures and Cultures New Request Completed
Comparative Studies 4822 Native American Identity Change Request Completed