Arts and Humanities Panel



Time: 3:30-5:00pm Location: 110 Denney Hall


  • Approval of 3-8-16 minutes
  • History of Art 7189.01 and 7189.02 (return; new courses)
  • AAAS 4342 (new course; requesting GE Cultures and Ideas & GE Diversity-Global Studies)  
  • New Freshman Seminar—Gregory Jusdanis
  • Dance 2801 (course change)
  • Dance 2802 (course change)  
  • Dance 2701 (new course)
  • Dance 2702 (new course)  
  • Dance 8200 (new course)
  • Dance 8800 (new course)  
  • Revision Disability Studies Minor
  • ASC (MIP) 4191 (new course)
  • Slavic 3760 (new course)
ASCC A&H Panel Approved Minutes 3-29-16.doc 04/13/2016 09:57:49 AM
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
History of Art 7189.01 and 7189.02 Curatorial Practicum New Request Completed
Slavic Languages and Literatures 3760 Slavic Words/Slavic Worlds New Social and Behavioral Sciences Panel N/A
African American and African Studies 4342 Religion, Meaning, and Knowledge in Africa New Request Completed
Arts and Sciences 1138.xx Freshman Seminar—Gregory Jusdanis New Request Completed
Dance 8200 PhD Qualifying Examination New Request Completed
Dance 8800 PhD Pre-Candidacy Independent Readings New Request Completed
Disability Studies Disability Studies Minor (revision) Change Request Completed
Dance 2801 Introductory Seminar I Change Request Completed
Dance 2802 Introductory Seminar II Change Request Completed
Dance 2701 Music Skills for Dance New Request Completed
Dance 2702 Creative Technologies for Dance New Request Completed
Arts and Sciences 4191 Moving-Image Production Internship New Request Completed