College Committee - HUM


8:30-10:00 a.m 1039 Derby Hall

Approval of 2/21 meeting minutes
Course requests below
Update on McHale

Present: Childs, Bitters, Jacobs, Lowry, Renker, Heiden, Mercerhill

Tebben phoned in comments


  1. Meeting minutes from 2/21 approved
  2. Classics 250
    1. Send back for GEC form & rationale, more precisely link readings and topics to GEC rationale
    2. Course as non-GEC approved
  3. Spanish 537
    1. Approved contingent on following changes:

                                                               i.      Participation grade suggested on syllabus but not on list of grades

                                                             ii.      Take home exams section of syllabus: change or delete final sentence – it describes a plagiarism case that would be reported directly to COAM

  1. History 775 – approved
  2. English 596
    1. Approved contingent on following change:

                                                               i.      No final exam listed on any syllabus – make sure syllabi say that the paper is in lieu of the final exam

    1. committee strongly recommends that instructors be more clear as to what is expected for oral presentations and writing assignments when creating syllabi
  1. Debbie looking into University policy on final exam schedules
  2. English 585.01
    1. Send back for purpose of change and 2 syllabi
  3. English 770 – all approved, .02 & .03 contingent – changes will be sent to Bill for final approval
    1. 770.01 – approved
    2. 770.02 – references to WebCT should be changed
    3. 770.02 & .03 – no breakdown of grading providing – need course requirements section similar to .01
    4. 770.03 – clarification needed regarding last paper due date, make sure states that incomplete will be given.
  4. English 788
    1. Approved contingent upon course syllabi title changes – make sure they match the course request form
  5. Medieval and Renaissance Studies
    1. Send back – only provided 1 syllabus, needs one more to gain 10 repeatable hours.
  6. Update on McHale
    1. next meeting will discuss possibility of dropping “other” category in Arts & Humanities
    2. Bill will send information ahead of meeting
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Spanish 537 Spanish Psycholinguistics New Registrar's Office N/A
History 775 History of Literacy New Registrar's Office N/A
English 788 Studies in the Theory and Practice of Imaginative Writing New Registrar's Office N/A
English 596 Studies in Literature and the Other Arts New Registrar's Office N/A
English 770.01 Folklore: Research Methods Change Registrar's Office N/A
English 770.02 Folklore: Field Research Change Registrar's Office N/A
English 770.03 The Ethnography of Communication New Registrar's Office N/A