College Committee - HUM


8:30-10:00 a.m 1039 Derby Hall

Approval of minutes
Course requests below

Present: Childs, Bitters, Kehres, Lowry, Jacobs, Wang, Mercerhill, Lowry

Tebben phoned in votes


  1. Meeting minutes from April, 17rd - approved.


  1. Course requests:
    1. Comparative Studies 475 approved contingent upon addition of “final project and presentation due finals week” on Erzen syllabus Week 10


    1. Medieval 631 approved contingent upon course number change from 694 on syllabus


    1. Classics 250

                                                               i.      Committee suggests that this proposal focus on Culture and Ideas. The syllabus focuses strongly on culture and the course fits well with Classics 230 & 240 already in that category. If the department is interested in taking the pressure off of their courses in the Arts and Literature category, it is recommended that they resubmit a proposal that focuses more strongly on the goals of that category.

                                                             ii.      Course approved for Cultures and Ideas category contingent on:

1.      Course request form – delete “to take the pressure off our very large GEC course, Classics 101 and Classics 222”

2.      GEC assessment plan – delete 3rd line regarding weekly quizzes – these are not reflected in the syllabus

3.      GEC rationale – 1st sentence needs to state what category is being applied for

4.      Syllabus – must add sentence between the instructor information and course description that states that the course fulfills the GEC requirement for Cultures and Ideas


  1. Updates
    1. CCI discussing reconfiguration of Arts and Humanities credits from current set-up to requiring one course from each of the 3 subcategories
    2. Discussion of McHale 180 proposal will also take place at CCI with a proposal to decrease required credits by 5 and allow students to chose which categories to take additional hours in


  1. Last 2 meetings of quarter will include discussion of election of chair and CCI representative
    1. Faculty who will be on SRA next year are encouraged to recommend substitutes, possibly Assistant professors who could gain experience with one quarter commitment
    2. Send recommendations to Debbie Lowry, she will then send to the Dean
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Comparative Studies 475 Studies in Ethnography New Arts and Sciences Office of the Executive Dean Approved
Medieval and Renaissance Studies 631 Survey of Latin Literature: Medieval and Renaissance New Registrar's Office N/A