College Committee - HUM


8:30-10:00 a.m 1039 Derby Hall

Approval of minutes
Course requests below
Update from CCI and ASC Faculty Senate

Present: Childs, Kehres, Lowry, Renker, Jacobs, Mercerhill

Long-Van Brocklyn emailed thoughts



  1. Course requests:
    1. History 366 & 567 – approved
    2. History 543.04 - approved


  1. McHale discussion
    1. Ed Adelson introducing CCI resolutions at ASC Faculty Senate meeting Wednesday
    2. Bill to provide dissenters view

                                                               i.      Add back 2 dilutes GEC – decreases program by one course

                                                             ii.      “choose” factor is spread over Natural Science, Social Science, Arts & Humanities, Historical Study and Capsone without restrictions

                                                            iii.      Minor/2nd major should remain part of option

                                                           iv.      Diversity, moral reasoning etc. embedded, not check-off – goals to be included on syllabi; is this too opaque for students?

                                                             v.      Professional Colleges need topics to be more obvious for accreditation

                                                           vi.      Bill abstained because HUM will come out ok with this proposal, but there is a possibility of losing 1,000 students from BIO who will likely take Nat. Sci courses as pre-reqs to major

    1. Reduction to 181 also being proposed to Senate


  1. Chair elections will take place 1st meeting of fall


  1. Curricular workshop – proposed move to September 19 (Tuesday) from 9-11am
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
History 543.04 Contemporary India and South Asia New Registrar's Office N/A
History 366 Global Enviromental History Change Registrar's Office N/A
History 567 American Enviromental History Change Registrar's Office N/A