Natural and Mathematical Sciences Panel



Time: 1:30-3:00p.m. Location: 110 Denney Hall


  1. Approval of 11-30-16 minutes
  2. Philosophy 1500.02 (return; existing course with GE Quantitative Reasoning-Mathematical or Logical Analysis; requesting 50% or more distance delivery)
  3. Bachelor of Science: English and Mathematics (return; new major)
  4. Math 4420 (new course)
  5. Math 1140 (return; new course; requesting GE Quantitative Reasoning-Mathematical or Logical Analysis)
  6. Math 1141 (return; new course; requesting GE Quantitative Reasoning-Mathematical or Logical Analysis)  
  7. Chemistry 1612 (new course)
  8. Revision Data Analytics BS (addition of Data Visualization Specialization)
ASCC NMS Panel Approved Minutes 1-17-17.doc 02/02/2017 09:21:34 AM
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Mathematics Bachelor of Science: Integrated Mathematics and English Program Request Completed
Philosophy 1500.02 Introduction to Logic New Request Completed
Mathematics 1140 Calculus with Review I New Request Completed
Mathematics 1141 Calculus with Review II New Request Completed
Mathematics 4420 Capstone Course for Integrated Major in Mathematics and English New Request Completed
Chemistry 1612 Peer-led Team Learning for Chemistry 1610 students New Request Completed
Statistics Revision Data Analytics BS (Data Visualization Specialization) Change Request Completed