College Committee - SBS


9-10:30, Derby 1039

Approval of meeting minutes  
course and program requests below

Present: Mumy, Davidson, Haddad, Lando, Bellair, David, Vasey, Cox, Davis, Pampush, Steckel, Landsbergen, McGraw, Mercerhill


  1. Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization – “Quantitative Methods in Consumer Behavior”
    1. Guest: Trisha Van Zandt
    2. Committee requests concurrences from Human Ecology, Ag Econ, Econ, Sociology
    3. Will be reviewed after concurrences have been received


  1. Course requests:
    1. Psychology H340 – approved with contingencies

                                                               i.      Textbook needs title

                                                             ii.      Requested that all readings be under class schedule instead of as two separate documents

                                                            iii.      Mike Vassey will submit corrections

    1. Geography 607 – approved

                                                               i.      Increase credit hours from 4 to 5


  1. McHale update provided by Mumy and Vassey
    1. CCI still composing recommendations to be given to ASC Faculty Senate
04-06-06 Notes.doc 03/23/2009 01:42:33 PM
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Psychology H340 Introduction to Life Span Developmental Psychology Change Registrar's Office Pending
Geography 607 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems Change Registrar's Office N/A
Arts and Sciences GIS: Quantitative Methods in Consumer Behavior Program College Committee - SBS Pending