College Committee - SBS


Course requests below

Present: Mumy, Vasey, Davis, Steckel, Liddle, Landsbergen, Haddad, Pampush, Davidson, McGraw, Mercerhill



  1. Approval of May 17 minutes


  1. Course requests:
    1. Psychology 847 – approved with contingencies

                                                               i.      Fix 2nd paragraph of syllabus beginning with “In addition…”

                                                             ii.      Reconsider course assignments #4 – participation

                                                            iii.      Clarify grading scale

                                                           iv.      Concurrence from Speech and Hearing needed

    1. Psychology 845 – approved
    2. Econ 615 – approved with minor changes

                                                               i.      Week 4, break down readings so students know what order to read them in

                                                             ii.      Term paper assignment – fix spelling

                                                            iii.      Consider course for Historical Study GEC

                                                           iv.      Consider decimals for micro v. macro

    1. Econ 817 – approved with contingencies

                                                               i.      Waiting for AED and Poli Sci concurrences

                                                             ii.      Ask for Math concurrence

                                                            iii.      Page 4 of syllabus has 2 “iv”

                                                           iv.      Consider creating a minor


  1. Notes from Deborah Haddad
    1. Departments should consider creating upper level GECs and explore the idea of dual status such as Social Science and Diversity
  2. Thanks to James Pampush – student representative, graduating this quarter
    1. Committee will need a new undergrad rep, consider an Econ or Poli Sci major


  1. Committee representative term limits – consider how departments handle these


  1. McHale
    1. Gene passed out “equivalencies of proposals” information -  add back vs. drop a GEC
    2. Should it be “courses outside major” or “add back across 2 categories”?
    3. “courses outside major” may be confusing for majors with no clear Breadth area home




Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Psychology 847 Language Development New Registrar's Office N/A
Psychology 845 Cognitive Development New Registrar's Office N/A
Economics 615 Economic Transitions in the 20th Century New Registrar's Office N/A