College Committee - SBS


2:30-3:30 Brown 105A


Course requests below

Present: Cox, David, Davis, Knapp, Liddle, McGraw, Nittrouer, Steckel, Vasey, mumy, Haddad

 Assessment of Majors – Ed Adelson

    1. Curriculum Committee should look at majors
    2. Members asked to look at exit survey on ASC intranet

                                                               i.      Survey will be given to graduating undergraduate students each quarter

  1. Course requests:
    1. Political Science 100 – approved
    2. Political Science 554 – approved
    3. Psychology 882 – approved

                                                               i.      Proposer should submit a cover letter explaining title change

    1. Psychology 836.01 – approved
    2. Psychology 842.02 – approved
    3. Pscyholgoy 842.10 – approved
    4. Economics 348 – approved

                                                               i.      Sent for concurrences from Psych and Soc, still no concurrence from Philosophy

Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Psychology 822 Psychological Assessment Change Registrar's Office Pending
Psychology 836.01 Adolescence Change Registrar's Office N/A
Psychology 836.02 Maturity and Aging Change Registrar's Office N/A
Psychology 842.10 Seminar in Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Development: Issues in Cognitive Development Change Registrar's Office Pending
Political Science 554 Comparative Economic Diplomacy Change Registrar's Office N/A
Political Science 100 Introduction to Comparative Politics Change Registrar's Office N/A
Economics 348 Ethics and Social Responsibility in Economic Life New Registrar's Office Pending