College Committee - BIO


9-10:30, Bio Sci 105

Chair elections result
Discussion of 180 credit hours to graduation with ASC senators
Student survey discussion
AP credit discussion
Assessment discussion
Biology 250: textbook and data from David Wells
Physics survey results
Major Program Assessment
ASC Senior Exit Survey

Present: Cole, Tuovinen, Somers, Horn, Harder, Eakins, Collier, Breitenberger, Conroy, Mercerhill, McDaniel

  1. Dave Somers elected Chair
  2. 181 hours instead of 191-
    1. Concluded that the decrease will not have a real effect on the Bio Sci students since students will just take one less elective
  3. AP Credit
    1. Frequently students choose to waive the Bio AP Credit

                                                               i.      Should we use AP credit for placement and not for credit?

                                                             ii.      Is the credit we’re awarding correct?

                                                            iii.      Do we want to make any changes?

                                                           iv.      Should students get out of both 113 and 114?

1.      Recommended 113 and 114 instructors look at test and compare to their course content.

  1. Exit Survey
    1. Future plans consistent with what the College knows
    2. Partnership needed between ASC and colleges/majors to track graduates and survey 1 year out

                                                               i.      Suggested that an option of “I have no idea what I will do after graduation” will be added to Employment/Education section

    1. How can data be fed back into department to make changes?

                                                               i.      Suggested that departments use own goals/objectives to form major specific questions

                                                             ii.      Goals can be put into the questions

    1. Get questions to survey administrators by January