College Committee - BIO


9-10:30, 716 Riffe Building
Approval of meeting minutes from 10/30 & 11/13
Course requests: Bio 101 Honors Embedded; Bio 250
ASC Exit Survey Questions
1. Which questions on the existing survey are useful (in the sense that they may yield information that we could use to drive changes within our majors)? On these questions, what response(s) would be satisfactory and/or where do we need to improve?

2. Which questions are not particularly useful or informative, and how might they be changed to make them more useful? On these questions, what response(s) would be satisfactory and/or where do we need to improve?

3. How can we use the data from this student survey?

4. Think of a few major-specific questions that we could add to the survey that would provide useful information about our majors.

Present: Conroy, Harder, Tuovinen, Breitenberger, Horn, Somers, Cole, Mercerhill, McDaniels, Eakins


  1. Bio 250  - Approved contingent in answer to questions below

                                                             a.      What is done during lab hours?

                                                            b.      Concurrence from education (Caroline sending)

                                                             c.      Recommended that it be offered more broadly


  1. Bio 107 - Approved

                                                             a.      Literature seems pretty ambitious for 101


  1. Meeting minutes from Oct 30 and Nov 11th approved


  1. Entomology 597
    1. Need concurrences: Nat Res., Plant Path, Crop Sci, Micro Bio, Engineering
    2. What’s involved in electronic lecture? How will it be done?
    3. What reading material will be used?
    4. Suggested pre-req of at least 1 course in physical and 2 courses in bio science
    5. Invite Clive to come to next meeting and discuss


  1. Exit Survey
    1. #3- Credits per quarter

                                                             a.      Is this really needed?

1.      After graduation questions get confusing

    1. #6- Do you get an accurate answer?

                                                             a.      Can 6 be inferred from the questions that follow?

    1. #22-24- Difficulty

                                                             a.      Wouldn’t you get this distribution every time?

                                                            b.      What are we learning from these?

    1. Add something about ability to schedule major courses

                                                             a.      Just ask #25- Did you have trouble scheduling…

    1. Look at #25 more closely for modifications
    2. Condense Advising questions
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