College Committee - HUM


2:00-3:30 in Brown 105

Assessment (Ed Adelson, Alexis Collier)
  • Discussion of college and/or program strengths/weaknesses with respect to student learning outcomes based on exit survey administered spring 2006 (located on the ASC intranet site at - contact ASC Technology Services at 614-292-6200 if you do not yet have access to the ASC Intranet)
  • Recommendations for revisions to the ASC exit survey (if any), as well as a discussion of possible major-specific questions for the survey to be administered to this year's graduates
  • Conclusions and suggested follow-up.  Major specific plans and reports for Humanities are available in the following college share file: N:\ADMIN\Humanities Curriculum Commitee (contact Deb Lowry if you cannot access the shared COH Curriculum Committee file) 

Present: Childs, Jacobs, Heiden, Lowry, Bunker, Mercerhill, Renker, Collier

  1. Major Program Reports
    1. On Humanities drive, it’s recommended these are looked over
  2. Student
    1. How does Drew assess his education?

                                                               i.      How his writing has improved

                                                             ii.      Knowing how to get things done

1.      History H398, thesis- independent research

                                                            iii.      Are students too busy learning and living to have the time to assess?

    1. How can the college help students see their own growth?

                                                               i.      E-profiles one solution

    1. How can we get students to provide us with their thoughts or gained knowledge?
    2. Is there a longitudinal study of what OSU students are doing after graduation?
    3. Why assessment?

                                                               i.      Need to be transparent about what or how students are learning?

                                                             ii.      Need to evaluate student learning and improve student learning

    1. Methods of assessment

                                                               i.      Student opinion, faculty evaluations of student learning

1.      Multi-method is best

                                                             ii.       What if faculty were surveyed about what they think of student learning?

    1. Curriculum committees should be involved in assessment to monitor how curriculum requests affect programs (misalignments, drift, etc.)
    2. How are you going to use the evidence you are collecting?
    3. Assessment feeds into department review, external reviews, accreditation, etc.