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10-11:30, Bio Sci 105

Entomology 597 Course request Below
Biology core course development (update)
Proposed Masters in Environmental and Natural Resources
GEC for the BS degree
Freshman Seminars - call for proposals

Present: Conroy, Harder, Tuovinen, Breitenberger, Horn, Somers, Cole, Mercerhill, Dinan, Eakins, Foster, Ridgeway, Daniels



  1. Biology Major Revisions
    1. Bio 401 – Integrated Biology I – Draft

                                                             a.      Case study approach

                                                            b.      Answer to concern that students are not retaining and making linkages  in 113 & 114

                                                             c.      Desire to change student views of Biology

                                                            d.      Recitations – training workshops for TAs and materials would be prepared for them

                                                             e.      Lecturers would also be provided support/training for active learning strategies

                                                              f.      Courses to be team-taught

                                                             g.      A group is working on specializations for the major, these will likely contain labs

                                                             h.      Midterm & final – why not do many small assessments instead?

                                                               i.      Bio 2010 books can be picked up from Caroline

                                                              j.      Big questions about courses

1.      Delivery

2.      how many activities (in & out of classroom) can be integrated


  1. Entomology 597 – approved contingent on concurrences listed below
    1. Need concurrences: Nat Res., Plant Path, Crop Sci, Micro Bio, Engineering


  1. MENR proposal
    1. Suggested that there are Bio Sci courses that should be added


  1. B.S. GEC proposal
    1. Members should review and send comments to Caroline
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Entomology 597 Enviromental, Human, and Social Impacts of Chemical and Biological Pollutants New Request Completed