College Committee - HUM


2-3:30, Brown 105a

Approval of meeting minutes
Film Studies - guest John Davidson
Curricular Requests below
Discussion/election of new HUM CC member to ASC CCI.

Present: Childs, Heiden, Bunker, Mercerhill, Bitters, Mercerhill, Highley, Lowry



1.      Film Studies – guest John Davidson

a.       Noted that a lot of faculty in Humanities are interested in film and culture, but are not film scholars

b.      Anticipated 20 students in the first year of the major, currently 100 majors  

c.       Film Studies discipline is interdisciplinary in nature

                                                                           i.      field of study that has moving images as its object and relies on an expertise that is specific to cinematography and includes training in film analysis, understanding of the field of film study, cinema as an art form in itself, media appropriate analysis

d.      Film Studies would like to monitor new courses about film so that they can:

                                                                           i.      see if it should be added to the major

                                                                         ii.      try to prevent students in the major from taking courses that will not count on the major

                                                                        iii.      monitor how people are using the medium of film in their courses without consideration of the discipline of film studies and make recommendations for how to make course more solid and add a disclaimer that certain courses do not count toward the major

e.       Suggested that courses for the major be cross listed as their original departments and Film Studies so that only Film Studies courses would count

                                                                           i.      Question of whether this is feasible

                                                                         ii.      Concurrence process needs to allow for time to share, collaborate, improve each other’s courses

                                                                        iii.      Film Studies faculty typically did doctoral work on a topic in cinema and have published in the field significantly

                                                                       iv.      Curriculum Committees need to be aware of the interdisciplinary programs and watch for course proposals that might be appropriate for these disciplines

                                                                         v.      The HUM CC did not come to any formal conclusion or make a policy statement.  The committee did note that other interdisciplinary programs, along with the growing number of minors, need some sort of centralized communication apparatus through which to inform all faculty.

2.      Korean 655 on hold for concurrence discussions

3.      Somali 101-104

a.       Most lesser-taught languages use non-faculty instructors

                                                                           i.      Description of this practice needs to be included in proposal

                                                                         ii.      Needs assessment plan (refer to Spanish plan), course readings week by week, goals need to be specific to each course

                                                                        iii.      Requests put on hold until faculty member returns in spring and completes the requirements

                                                                       iv.      Committee would like to see information on how the pilot versions are doing (enrollments)

                                                                         v.      Would this be a good course-share option for CIC?

                                                                       vi.      Would these courses serve social workers in Columbus?

                                                                      vii.      Would students in International Studies be interested?

4.      Discussion/election of new Hum CC member for the ASC CCI

a.       New rep needed to serve through Spring 2008

b.      Meetings are every 2 weeks

c.       Member sits on subcommittee for GEC

d.      Chris Highley nominated, accepted nomination, and was elected

5.      Minutes approved