College Committee - BIO


9-10:30 am, Bio Sci 105

Present:  Breitenberger, Eakins, Somers, Harder, Horn, Cole, Mercerhill, Baker, Foster, McDaniel


  1. Bio 701- approved
    1. GTA training as part of GIS in university teaching
    2. Requested concurrences from FTAD, EHE- will be included in final packet

                                                               i.      Will be required for TAs teaching 401 and 402

    1. What is micro teaching?--- one component of a course (ie a lab)
    2. Concern that the course will take away from GTA research
    3. Question of what the domestic to international ratio is, thought is that domestic students will be interested
    4. Will fulfill intro to Bio teaching course requirements


  1. Bio 401 and 402- approved
    1. Noted that the same set of topics are discussed both quarters - one quarter is not enough to develop a pattern of thinking in students
    2. Topics are brought in through many different angles
    3. Informational materials will be developed and supplied for instructors and students
    4. Caroline will meet with advising cluster to discuss changes
    5. Concerns about mechanics of delivering course
    6. Concern about ensuring students have learned what they need to - Assessment plan will be developed
    7. Committee revising major studied student patterns

                                                               i.      Most students are doing the core and specialization and then taking random courses, this version will limit the randomization


  1. Agenda for next meeting
    1. Specialization for Bio Major
    2. Assessment of plans for courses and majors


  1. Insight areas proposal in GEC.  Should students be required to take a diversity course?
    1. General feeling is that students are already getting the “insight areas” in their course work.
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Biology 701 Biology College Teaching New Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) Pending