College Committee - BIO


9-10:30 am, Bio Sci 105

Course Redesign - Guests Randy Smith, Ed Adelson, Alexis Collier (9-9:15)

Present:  Breitenberger, Harder, Tuovinen, Cole, Somers, Horn


  1. Course Re-Design
    1. Guests Randy Smith, Alexis Collier, Ed Adelson
    2. Center for Academic Transformation (National Org funded by Pew)

                                                               i.      Has funds for redesigning lower-level courses

                                                             ii.      Includes defining course objectives, thinking about different modes of delivering (including technology)

                                                            iii.      Goal is to save instructional costs to free money for other departmental initiatives

    1. Dennis Pearl in Statistics redesigned Statistics 135

                                                               i.      Students take a learning styles survey and choose the method of learning that best fits them

                                                             ii.      Institution had to have a team from the University in order to be accepted

                                                            iii.      As a result of the changes, retention has dramatically improved and achievement has increased, repeating students have dropped by ½

    1. Redesign Alliance

                                                               i.      OSU =  founding member

                                                             ii.      Randy on the national board

                                                            iii.      Dennis Pearl is a redesign scholar (talks to people at other institutions about how to go through process)

                                                           iv.      Seed funds available through OAA to redesign approximately 3 courses

                                                             v.      Priority to be given to STEM fields

                                                           vi.      Proposals should go through College office

                                                          vii.      Randy will send the CFAT web info so members can look at all of the proposals and reports

  1. Departmental Assessment in Bio Sci
    1. Process is being embedded in college
    2. Making the data useful is a priority
    3. Bio major redesign has assessment of learning objectives embedded from the beginning
  2. Board of Regents pursuing Accountability
    1. The Spelling’s report calls for accountability @ national level for higher educational institutions
  3. Clusters call for proposals-  deadline June 1
  4. Specialization areas in  Biology Major - new listing handed out of proposed specializations