College Committee - BIO


9-10:30 am, Bio Sci 105

Present:  Breitenberger, Eakins, Somers, Tuovinen, Cole, Horn, Conroy, Mercerhill, Harder


  1. Acceptance Fee Paid data
    1. Numbers are up compared to last year

                                                               i.      Big class of really good students

                                                             ii.      Increased stress on upper level courses because of better retention and students

                                                            iii.      Stress on lower division Bio courses

                                                           iv.      Caroline asked Honors if Bio 401 and 402 could count as upper division Honors and substitute for H115 and H116          

                                                             v.      Suggested that a newsletter be created to help get info regarding undergrad initiatives out to all faculty

  1. Change in Microbiology S/U requirements – approved contingent on changes
    1. Expand justification to include info about academic reasons for change
  2. “Living Chemistry” cluster
    1. Committee likes the course
  3. ASC 720
    1. Grad Seminar in Scientific literacy
    2. Will be taught by faculty across ASC and potentially non-ASC units
    3. No scale – would be helpful
    4. will most likely be taken by students outside college
    5. question of how the course will be monitored if it’s to be taught by faculty from different departments
    6. committee provides concurrence
  4. Evolutionary Studies Minor
    1. Has had input from faculty in College
    2. Very interdisciplinary
    3. Can anthro/Geol Sci 315 be cross-listed with EEOB?
    4. Evolution and Ecology Majors could minor in this
  5. Environmental Citizenship Minor
    1. Meeting about a new minor to take place, are there faculty from Bio Sci departments that should be invited?
    2. Caroline and John to participant
    3. David Horn to check his schedule
  6. Neuroscience Major
    1. Interdisciplinary
    2. To be housed administratively in Psychology
    3. Send Caroline names of anyone who should be involved