College Committee - BIO


9-10:30 am, Bio Sci 105 **no packets will be delivered for this meeting.

EEOB 513 course change proposal.
Discussion of possible biology minor.
Assessment for the biology major - learning outcomes.
  • I'll contact Judy Ridgway to see if she is available to attend this meeting. We have an assessment plan, but I think our learning outcomes need refreshing. If we can brainstorm about learning outcomes, then next autumn, we can develop a better plan going forward. Even if Judy cannot attend, she has provided me with a bunch of useful papers and information to consult as we rethink these learning outcomes.

Present:  Touvinen, Eakins, Breitenburger, Mercerhill, Cole, McDaniel

Guest: Ridgway


  1. Assessment of Biology Major
    1. Learning outcomes
    2. Learning outcomes should use action words such as “apply” instead of words like “understand”
    3. Learning outcomes will be shared with students via the curriculum manual
    4. Suggested that an ad hoc committee of advisors and the major revision committee work on revising outcomes this summer
    5. Judy interviewed Denman winners about where they achieved the learning outcomes of the major- most of them said they achieved this in their independent research

                                                               i.      Committee wonders if students who didn’t do independent research would answer differently

    1. Suggested that additional learning outcomes be developed for Honors programs-  ad hoc committee will look at this
  1. Bio 401
    1. Remove pre-req allowing HS AP Bio
  2. Bio Major program outline
    1. Core requirements are 12 hrs
    2. Individual study in the life sciences can be included to a max of 5 hrs
  3. Possible Bio Minor
    1. 401 and 402- 10 hrs
    2. Additional courses within COB to a minimum of 20 hrs
    3. Must be approved by a BIO advisor
    4. No overlap with the GEC
    5. Proposal coming autumn
  4. EEOB 513- sent back
    1. Cant be changed to 513- it’s already in use-  maybe use 500 or 501
    2. .02 hours don’t match syllabus