College Committee - BIO


10-11:30am Jennings 251

1. 413.01 & .02 course change req.
2. Bio 113, 114 (pending submission of proposal)

Breitenberger, Eakins, Horn, Reeve, Dinan, Harder, Hallihan


EEOB 299.01


-Rationale?  Wants students to have a unique identifier for their work on this project and to have a specific course where they have to attend weekly meetings involving instruction

-4 sections /yr;

-Number of expected students per section:  6

-Conceptual issues with course – How will he offer the course without a lab?  Where will time and resources come from (faculty, post-docs, senior graduate student researchers?)

Because it has been running and exists, does that mean that it works?  It is not working currently.  Group poster at colloquium was a reasonable effort but was not in top half.  Needs a coordinator or some structure, lab manager. 

-Can he address issues.

-Has already been piloted as a 699.

-Needs a grading schema.

-Needs Instructor contact information

-Is there infrastructure to support lab activity to maintain continuity

Dave: Original intent is to have sts enter at early stage in career and then become project leaders to run lab (maintaining lab, mixtures, schedules) and is currently maintained by one senior student in a 693, spending 10-12 hrs/week without pay helping other students

There is a work study student description (3 years old) but no one has yet been found.

Why a special #?  We don’t.  It’s because we don’t have a BIO 699 yet.  It’s been sent forward.  He thought having a course would have a better defined structure.  Letter grades provide more incentive. 




-Needs instructor info

-Needs grading schema

-Can 299 & 699 count towards degree? 8 cr of both (combined 8 cr toward major) – Isn’t 5 hours limit?  Yes. Lists 5 on 699 form. Change 8 to 5.  


Costs of running lab? Still part of original grant

(Reeve) What will pay for ongoing course if/after funding runs out?  Include a line about college funding?  Puts instructor in position that leverages him to go back for more funding.  Is it a departmental issue?  Will course only exist as long as his funding?  Committee should have responsibility to make commitment to funding to indicate its support.

Anyone could use this number, but it is EEOB – should it be BIO?  Breitenberger not sure why it’s EEOB in first place and not BIO. 

Should be BIO: funding comes mostly from college and OR, visibility would be greater in BIO, could have a “home” in Jennings – this would provide infrastructure to maintain lab

Harder: essential to get lab set up in Jennings, committee should encourage the idea of the course and encourage Rich to provide adequate lab space

Motion to approve Harder with Recommendation to label it as BIO

Is there funding for a TA?  EEOB would be best place for that, not likely to come from BIO. Suggest he look in EEOB for a GTA – implied departmental support

Let it ride as it stands.

Committee moves to approve with contingincies (8-5, grading schema) pending e-approval of absent comm. Mems.


Biological Sciences 500 (implies UG survey which covers all the majors)

Why isn’t this BIO?  Is it a college level course or subject material in actual biology?  Bio Sci implies interdisciplinarity.  Subsidy and tuition would go to college.  Same but you have to track it…

Has been done before?

1/year, 40 sts

Move to approve (Horn)

Tentatively approved pending e-vote

How do these credits apply to major/minor?  A 500-level course would count.


EEOB 413.01 - .02


-Old numbers in syllabus – assume these will be new

-Harder: course was discussed with Nat Resources and they were amenable to the course change.

-Change 8. on .02 form to 1 4-hr lab

Move to Approve:  Horn

Approved: Tentatively approved pending e-vote


BIO 113-114 cont.

Not all Sts are req to take Chem 125.  Some still have to take Chem 122-23

Chem125 syllabus now obtained: doesn’t have what they had hoped Deficient in organic chem., polymers, etc.

Sts will be deficient in organic chem.

Motion to withdraw Chem 125 as a pre-req for H115 & 116

Motion to just consider description changes.  Take out all CHem 125 info

Coordinators agree with description changes

Move to approve (Harder)

Approved: Tentatively approved pending e-vote


Preliminary discussion of

ENT 333 New Course Req. and ENT H444 Course Change Request seeing for first time this morning:


-Based on H444

-CB suggested making it a 5-cr course b/c GECs are phrased in 5-hour chunks, thus making it more attractive as a GEC. He’s already doing 3 1-hr lectures and 1 1-hr recitation.  Should be 4 as it is.

-ENT 333 and ENT H444 course change request will be sent back pending GEC statement and assessment plan as well as credit change


Discussion of Budget and importance of undergrad instruction within the college’s budget.


Try to find to find Subsidy Codes key and send to BIO CCC

Should there be a place on the Course Change Form for changing the subsidy levels of courses?


Meeting adjourned, 11:22.






Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology 299.01 Undergraduate Research: The X Project New Registrar's Office N/A
Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology 699.01 Undergraduate Research: The X Project New Registrar's Office N/A
Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology 500 Biological Roots in England New Registrar's Office Pending
Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology 413.01 Introduction to Ecology, Lecture Change Registrar's Office Pending
Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology 413.02 Ecology Laboratory Change Registrar's Office Pending
Biology 113 Biological Sciences: Energy Transfer and Development Change Registrar's Office Pending
Biology 114 Biological Sciences: Form, Function, Diversity, and Ecology Change Registrar's Office Pending
Entomology 333 Social Insects New Request Completed
Entomology H444 Social Insects Change Registrar's Office Pending