College Committee - SBS



9-10:30am; Smith Lab 4187


  1. Approve previous minutes
  2. Elect SBS CCC rep for CCI
  3. Comm 513 (sent back and revised)
  4. Comm 614, 620, 636.01, 636.02, 642
  5. Psych 321, 608, 612
  6. Psych 597.04
  7. Geog 465
  8. Music/SPHS 815
SBS CCI 5-14-08 minutes.doc 04/09/2009 09:37:55 AM
Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Communication 513 The positive and negative effects of video game play New Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) Pending
Speech and Hearing Science 815 Clinical Assessment & Training Methods for the Singing Voice Change Request Completed
Geography 465 Global Politics and the Modern Geopolitical Imagination New Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) Approved
Psychology 612 Introduction to Cognitive Science Change Withdrawn
Psychology 608 Introduction to Mathematical Psychology Change Registrar's Office N/A
Psychology 597.04 Technology, Efficiency and Happiness New Registrar's Office N/A
Psychology 321 Quantitative and Statistical Methods in Psychology Change Request Completed
Communication 614 Issues and Images in Political Comm Change Request Completed
Communication 620 Public Opinion and Comm Change Request Completed
Communication 642 Mass Comm and Society Change Request Completed
Communication 636.01 Health Comm in Interpersonal Contexts Change Request Completed
Communication 636.02 Health Comm in Mass Mediated Contexts Change Request Completed