College Committee - BIO


2:30 - 4:00 p.m., 105 Biological Sciences Building


Election of committee chair
Assessment update
Undergraduate curriculum review update, consequences for Biosci
Honors issues update, proposal for Biosci students
Biology major review update
Mathematics curriculum, possible changes
Present: Breitenberger, Gross, Conroy, Tuovinen, Weinstein, Eakins, Somers, Horn, Harder, Lando

J. Lando will e-mail the URL of the Curriculum Office website to the membership.

Elizabeth Gross was elected chair of the committee for 2005-06.

C. Breitenberger provided an update on the assessment of learning outcomes in major programs.  The Bio CC will look at what's being done at the college level.

C. Breitenberger disseminated a summary of the current undergradate curriculum review committee based on an oral report by Brian McHale and Beth Hume in September 2005.  There was brief discussion about the possible recommendations and implications for the Biological Sciences.

C. Breitenberger handed out a draft template for incorporating the new honors requirements.  We will go through the document at the next meeting, and Caroline will solicit input from the Honors advisers and departments as well.

C. Breitenberger provided a report on the update to the Biology major, and will forward it to the committee.  There are several important changes, which are similar to both the report "Bio 2010" and the NRC.  The changes will be coming to this committee.