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Religion in the Greco-Roman World
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Historical Study
Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) Approved 06/25/2009
Arts and Sciences Office of the Executive Dean Approved 06/03/2009
CCI Arts and Humanities Subcommittee Approved 05/12/2009
CCI Arts and Humanities Subcommittee Sent Back 04/21/2009
CCI Arts and Humanities Subcommittee Sent Back 03/02/2009
CCI Arts and Humanities Subcommittee Sent Back 12/09/2008
College Committee - HUM Approved 10/31/2008
College Committee - HUM Sent Back 05/30/2008
Request Initiated 04/21/2008

A&H Subcom approved 5/12/09; A&H Subcom Chair B Miller followed-up 6/3/09 (attached) res

June 04, 2009

A&H Subcom sent back 4/21/09; A&H Subcom Chair B Miller followed-up 4/28/09 (attached) res

April 27, 2009

Appeared before A&H Subcom on 3/2/09 res:

  • History non-concurrence (rec’d 12/5/08) likely is not a response to revised syllabus (rec’d 2/25/09)
  • Difficult to tell from readings how Historical Study goals are addressed, but explication at end of syllabus with regard to readings does move toward demonstrating (if not complete range, certainly the approach) of how instructor chooses serious original readings for students to read and analyze. What about economic, geographical, and political influences? Are the readings (and/or interpretation thereof) more literary, religious, or philosophical in nature?  Concern in general explanation in how course meets HS objectives on page 1 of syllabus. 
  • Committee would like additional response from History on revised 2/25/09 syllabus.
  • Typo on top of page 4 “Greekd” instead of “Greeks”

Motion to send to History for additional feedback and/or concurrence and reconsider as a committee: Hubin, 2nd Eyerly  Motion unanimously approved.

April 13, 2009
Administrative Response from History rec'd 3/17/09 res March 19, 2009

A&H Subcom sent back 12/9/08-- Val Williams contacted kallis.4 via email re: follow-up on 1/7/09 res

  1. Please insert boiler plate GEC ELOs and response in syllabus
  2. Not Arts and Humanities Historical Studies Category
  3. HS must have substantial reading and writing component-  this is not evident in syllabus, please elaborate on specific reading assignments and length, perhaps developing additional readings after a stated core is established.
  4. Multiple choice seems to outbalance writing component
  5. No final paper – 40 quiz-type questions, not essays and is only 10% of grade; department cannot grant a TA to help with grading. Options include teach class as is without GEC or reduce size of class, petition department for extra help if the course is approved for GEC status.; Other essay exams comprise some writing
  6. Does course need to have revisions built in? No, but that would be fine if it did.
  7. Does Powerpoint constitute a visual component? Suggestions for other methods for visual component?
  8. Criteria for grades are incorporated in quiz descriptions but not essays.  Could a grading rubric or descriptions of what constitutes an A,B,C,D,E?
  9. Incorporate comments from History
January 20, 2009
Administrative Non-concurrence rec'd from History 12-8-08 res December 10, 2008

Concurrence request/reminder sent again on 10/23, 10/31, 11/03, (to Joe Lynch) and 12/02 (to Jim Bach).

(On 11/02, Joe indicated that he received numerous responses from History's Undergrad committee and will try to formulate a letter before 11/10.)

December 09, 2008
Administrative GEC rationale done before new submission guidelines were in effect. October 23, 2008
Administrative Concurrence received from Comp Stds May 30, 2008

Dean Adelson has agreed to a moratorium until Autumn on the approval of courses requesting GEC Historical Studies status. Since Classics 323 is such a course, Professor Hahn, Department Chair, and I intend to wait until the Autumn to comment on Classics 323. Sincerely, Joseph H. Lynch

May 20, 2008

Concurrence reminder sent to Comp Stds 5-15-08 res
Advise and feedback reminder sent to History 5-15-08 res

May 15, 2008
Administrative Proposal needs GEC Rationale & Course asmt. plan. Erica Kallis contacted 5/5/08 kmh May 05, 2008
Concurrence Concurrence rec'd from Ctr for Study of Relig 5-1-08 res May 05, 2008

Concurrence requests sent to Comp Stds & Ctr for Study of Relig 5-1-08 res
Advise and feedback request sent to History 5-1-08 res

May 01, 2008
Classics 323 Course Change Request.pdf 04/21/2008 02:18:15 PM
Classics GEC 323 Summary Sheet.pdf 04/21/2008 02:18:43 PM
Classics 323 Syllabus.doc 04/21/2008 02:18:58 PM
Classics323Concur-CntStudyRelgn.doc 05/05/2008 10:07:32 AM
CL 323 GEC Rationale and Assessment.pdf 05/06/2008 04:01:29 PM
Classics 323 Concurr-Comp Stds.pdf 05/30/2008 09:54:29 AM
Classics 323 response SIJ.doc 07/28/2008 09:10:43 AM
Classics 323 syllabus rev 07-08.doc 07/28/2008 11:17:05 AM
Classics 323 non-concurrence History.pdf 12/10/2008 01:12:29 PM
Classics323 REVISED syllabus 2-25-09.doc 02/27/2009 11:54:08 AM
Classics 323 response from History.pdf 03/18/2009 03:04:57 PM
Classics 323 4-28-09.doc 05/04/2009 01:13:50 PM
Classics 323 ECA course forms.pdf 06/01/2009 10:06:46 AM
Classics 323 6-3-09.doc 06/04/2009 08:06:24 AM