College Committee - HUM



Time: 1:00-3:00p.m.
Location: 226 University Hall


[sorry the listings are doubled, this is a hiccup in our system]
1. Modern Greek 200 (returning)
2. Wom Stds 320 (returning)
3. Italian 692 (returning) [If we have time:]
4. History 534.08, 341, 539
5. Chinese 800
6. Women's Studies 524
7. Philo 431 & 631 change requests


Humanities College Curriculum Committee


1-11-08 226 University Hall


Present: Lisa Shabel, Chris Highley, Franklin Proano, Deb Lowry, Kate Hallihan, Todd Bitters, Ron Severtis, Ana Grotans, Randy Roth,




1.      Discussion of revisions to “Syllabi” document

            Suggested revisions based on current ASC web guidelines:

            a) delete call # requirement

b) state on syllabus where course materials have been ordered but not where to buy them

            c) Philosophy faculty would like to go on record that they do not feel there should          have to have a weekly schedule in the syllabus

d) include film screening information if applicable (where films are to be viewed and if not in the classroom during class time, where and when and/or where and how do students access the films

e) Reading Assignments: As the committee’s basic concern is the appropriateness of the level of work expected, there is no need to expect sample syllabi to list exact page numbers in reading assignments (although if they do, that is fine.) How then do we indicate reading load & level?  Suggestion to note in the proposal the general amount of reading on average and justify any unusually high or low levels of reading.

f) Exam description: specify the general format (i.e. take-home, comprehensive mid-term,  etc.) but not necessary to describe in detail the format and length for exams

g) Papers:specify length generally but detailed descriptions can be listed as “TBA”        

h) Grading information: grading breakdown is required, “grading scale” is not      required



2.      Modern Greek 200            Approved with Contingency

A)  Concerns have been addressed in letter and revisions/additions have been made.  Committee is satisfied with changes.


B)   Need to choose one GEC category (other than diversity) according to ASC rules.  Kate will call and get a decision from proposer.


3.      Women’s Studies 320        Approved

·        Concerns have been addressed in letter and revisions/additions have been made.  Committee is satisfied with changes.




4.      Italian 692              Approved

·        Concerns have been addressed in letter and revisions/additions have been made.  Committee is satisfied with changes.


5.      History 534.08       Approved with contingency Kate to follow up. of adding page length range for papers and obtaining concurrence from Melton Center

A)        Suggested to send other two History syllabi as examples for revision of writing assignments; Recommendation to include a length range for the          papers. 

B)        Is title misleading? Latin America is a much larger area than course        specifies. Concentration is on (faculty specialization area) and          , with some mention of and .  Justification is clear that       the course covers only these areas.  Suggestion for a more appropriate title? “The Jewish Experience in Regional Latin America.”  Title encompasses teaching it in a variety of ways over time and by different   instructors.

C)        Inform Matt Goldish, Jewish Studies Director of Melton Center

D)        Convey information to proposer of suggested title change but note that this is neither a requirement nor contingency.


6.      History 341            sent back Kate will follow up

            A)        Automatically has Historical Study GEC status, but if it is to be in the                             International Diversity GEC category, it would need GEC form,                                            rationale, and course assessment plan, and appropriate GEC nomenclature                                     in syllabus (including specifying how it can be counted as an International                              Diversity course).


7.      History 539            Approved

            A)        Committee felt this was a model syllabus



8.      Chinese 800           Approved with Contingency

            A)        Proposal to increase credit level based on what is already happening in the                     course.  Rationale clearly outlines the workload, but it might help to put                              these expectations in the syllabus (incorporated as time and work                                      expectations articulating weekly intensive research assignments) as well to                      reinforce the need for the increased credit level.  This will clarify the                               justified change for future committees, expediting the approval process, as                        well as make the expectations more transparent for the students.


9.      WS 524                 Approved moves to Sub-B


            A)        Trying to attract more students by applying for GEC status and lowering                                    pre-reqs.  It may provide an incentive, even for honors students, to take the              course. 



10.  Philosophy 431 & 631        Approved


A) Committee very favorably impressed with proposals and Don Hubin’s explanation of the changes.

Department Course Title Type Latest Committee Latest Status
Modern Greek 200 Athens: The Modern City New Request Completed
Womens Studies 320 Topics in Women's Studies New Registrar's Office Pending
Romance Linguistics 692 The Romance Languages New Registrar's Office Pending
French 692 The Romance Languages New Registrar's Office Pending
Italian 692 The Romance Languages New Registrar's Office Pending
History 534.08 The Jewish Experience in Latin America New Registrar's Office Pending
History 341 The Silk Road: Commerce and Culture in Eurasia 200 BCE-1498 CE New Graduate School (GS) Pending
History 539 Sibera in the World New Registrar's Office Pending
Chinese 800 Bibliography and Research Methodology Change Registrar's Office Pending
Womens Studies 524 Women and Work Change Graduate School (GS) Pending
Philosophy 431 Ethical Theory Change Registrar's Office Pending
Philosophy 631 Advanced Ethical Theory Change Registrar's Office Pending