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The US Experience:Hispanics, Language and Literacy
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Writing and Related Skills - Second Course
Diversity Experiences - Social Diversity in the United States
Request Completed 06/17/2008
Registrar's Office N/A 02/14/2006
CCI Social, Behavioral, Biological, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Subcommittee Approved 03/08/2006
Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) N/A 02/03/2006
Arts and Sciences Office of the Executive Dean Approved 02/03/2006
Cmte on Curriculum and Instruction (CCI) Approved 02/03/2006
CCI Arts and Humanities Subcommittee Approved with Contingency 01/27/2006
College Committee - HUM Approved with Contingency 12/05/2005
College Committee - HUM Sent Back 10/14/2005
Request Initiated 07/13/2005

Subcommittee C:

  • Committee members suggest to the proposers to follow the Guidelines for Social Diversity in the United States Component on page 16 and 17 in the Guidelines and page 12 in the Model Curriculum.
  • Committee members asked that the proposers spell out the specific categories that they are discussing each week in their topical outlines. 
  • There is not much indication of Social Diversity in the syllabus. It's not clearly stated. How does this course deal with social diversity?
  • Committee members also wanted to see an assessment plan. How do they assess whether students are meeting the goals  of the social diversity?
February 09, 2006
Administrative Approved, contingent on the following:
- The title on the syllabus needs to match the paperwork (either Hispanics or Latinos
- Add an assessment statement on the syllabus, that states the category of the course, the goals of the general education category and how the course meets those goals
- Justify the % breakdown of the papers - this is inconsistent because of a statement on pg. 9 that refers to "progressive difficulty."  If the papers are getting harder, they should be weighted higher.
December 15, 2005
Administrative Humanities CC tabled this course and would like to invite Donna Long to the next meeting to discuss the CLC and how this course supports the Spanish major.

Particular concerns:
- The Hum CC recognizes the pattern of service learning in the College, and this falls within it.
- Clarify if the title of the course should be "Hispanics" (on the form) or "Latinos" (on the syllabus).
- Clarify if students will be paired with a native Spanish speaker at the CLC.  The Hum CC recommends only Spanish speakers for the course to work.
- Break down the evaluation of students in the course and how the in-service is graded.
- GEC: There is not enough writing in the course, and cannot be broadly available to students.
October 14, 2005
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